About Us

Welcome to the MyBonus Reward Programme, where you will have more fun, more often. And it is all free! Apply now for a MyBonus card and be sure to swipe it at all the retailers or MyBonus partners listed here, whenever you purchase a product from them. You will earn Big Bucks in the process. But the best of all – you can redeem your Bucks for exclusive holiday getaways, electronics, household appliances, camping equipment or whatever tickles your fancy. You can even donate your bucks to an affinity of your choice, such as your local school or the Endangered Wildlife Fund to save our rhinos.

MyBonus and all its partners appreciate the fact that you know what you want, and that you expect us to understand your needs and appreciate you as an individual. You also expect us to know when you require different products and how we should present it to you. We are here to make your shopping experience at any of our partners a relaxing experience – just as it was in grandma's days.

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